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Custom Work

Have an image that you'd love to bring to life? I love fulfilling the wishes of my clients, whether it be memorializing your pet, painting a portrait of your children, or designing a custom piece for a room in your house. Or, just give me a theme and I'll run with it! 

Click here to be taken to the order site for personalized pet portraits. Colored pencil, watercolor, and ink pieces start at $120 and include shipping! 

Oil paintings on canvas start at $150.​

  • Small pieces (up to 8") range from $150-$300

  • Medium pieces (9" - 16") range from $300-$500

  • Large pieces (17" and above) start at $500


Please contact me directly if you're interested in a painting and we can discuss your needs, ideas, and budget.

Don't know what would work best for you? Reach out today and we can talk through it together!

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